The Lice experts say, please don’t share your hat!

The Lice experts say, please don’t share your hat!

The winter doesn’t just bring cold weather and holidays. Winter brings Lice. I know most of you think Lice is only a problem in the warm weather. Wrong! Holidays bring an influx of people and company into our lives. Cold weather brings the need for bundling. Both of these increase the spread of Lice.

When the holidays come we go out more. We invite company to visit us. We shop, we dine out and we stand in very close proximity of other people. How many times have you stood in line at a store ,waiting to buy holiday presents, and the person behind you has no understanding of personal space? Well if your lovely, long flowing hair is touching the hair of someone infested with Lice, guess what? That’s really all it takes. The pesky little bugs hang out on the ends of hair shafts just waiting for the chance to crawl on to the hair shaft of someone new.

Holiday parties and family gatherings are also happy places for Lice. I don’t know about you but my friends, family and co-workers get much friendlier around the holidays. They have some wine and suddenly they are hugging everyone. When I hug someone my hair definitely comes into contact with the hair of someone I’m hugging.

Let’s talk about cold weather . Hats and scarves collect our hair. My jackets always seem to have hair strands on them as well. The winter stuff comes out and the shedding begins. A louse can’t live off a human body for long. They can however hold their breath for about an hour and if you take my hat with a louse in it and put it on right after I took it off, you now have Lice.

Kids love to share. Let’s face it , from the moment they are born we teach them to share. So, if their friend needs a hat, brush, scarf or jacket it goes against everything they have been taught to say no. Please tell you kids Don’t share your hat!

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