Professional Head Lice Treatment in Long Island

Head lice are becoming immune to many of the treatments in the market today, creating Super Lice. This poses many problems; we either keep adding harmful chemicals that choke out the lice and eggs or just do several treatments, hoping we can pick out the lice strand by strand. However, there is a much simpler solution: Lice Centers of America in Long Island. We are a professional head lice treatment center that can help get rid of those pesky lice and eggs in a safe way.  

What should I expect when visiting the head lice treatment center in Long Island?

  • Screening: Because head lice can spread so quickly, we check every member in the family. Once an active case of head lice has been confirmed, we then choose a treatment plan, and once a plan has been chosen, the screening fee is waved.
  • Treatment: We provide a couple of different options for treatment that you can choose from.
    • Signature Airalle treatment: This is a three step process treatment.
      • AirAllé: We begin by doing the 30 minute heating process. A little cooler than the heat of the blowdryer, we heat up the scalp and hair roots dehydrating the lice and eggs.
      • Combing: We spend 30-60 minutes combing strand by strand to remove the dehydrated lice and eggs from the hair.
      • Oil: We apply a 100% chemical and pesticide free natural oil that helps to keep the lice away. *With a 99% success rate, we have a 30-day treatment policy. If the lice end up coming back, we re-treat for free.
    • Express AirAllé Treatment: This option includes  a 30-minute heated treatment with a 10-minute comb out. *We do not offer our re-treatment policy for this option.
    • Comb Out: Our AirAllé Treatment is not recommended for children under four. We will strand by strand comb out the lice and eggs. You can also purchase our at-home comb-out kit and comb out home.

Next time there is a Super Lice outbreak, know that you can head to a professional head lice treatment center in Long Island that can help get rid of them for good. Contact us at the Lice Clinics of America for more information on our head lice treatments.

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No Toxic Chemicals

Our FDA-cleared, kid-friendly AirAlle medical device uses heated air to dehydrate lice and eggs. Safe and pesticide-free.

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One and done in a single treatment! You can be free of lice in an hour. No additional hours or follow-up visits that cost you time and money! Solutions for any budget.

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