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When Should You Get A Professional Lice Treatment?

Lice isn’t fun for anyone. There is so much that goes into getting rid of lice. You need to take all the bedding and anything else that your head has touched and wash it or put it in a bag for a week. You have work the next day and the kids have school, spending hours at night getting rid of lice is not very time efficient. Wouldn’t it be great if getting rid of lice could only take an hour? Well it can.

Lice Clinics of America has developed a professional one hour lice treatment.

At the Lice Clinics of America in Cedarhurst, we guarantee that your lice will be gone after just one session. We developed the Airallé® treatment; this professional treatment will dehydrate the lice and their eggs with heat. The heat is applied right to the scalp, dehydrating those pesky little bugs and their eggs. Once the heat portion of the professional lice treatment is over, we do a thorough comb out of the dehydrated eggs and lice.

Why choose Lice Clinics of Cedarhurst as your professional lice treatment center?

Wanting only what’s best for families, we created an FDA-approved treatment. There are no toxins or pesticides hiding in our formula. If you would rather remove the lice and eggs in the privacy of your own home, we do have removal kits that are also toxin and pesticide free. Depending on the length, thickness, and texture of hair, it usually takes the average person about two and a half hours to comb through all the hair. While we do supply at-home kits, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment and cutting that combing time in half.

So the next time you get that call that your child has lice, contact our professional lice treatment clinic in Cedarhurst to schedule your appointment and save yourself both time and stress from those pesky bugs.

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No Toxic Chemicals

Our FDA-cleared, kid-friendly AirAlle medical device uses heated air to dehydrate lice and eggs. Safe and pesticide-free.

Fast and Affordable

One and done in a single treatment! You can be free of lice in an hour. No additional hours or follow-up visits that cost you time and money! Solutions for any budget.

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