Kids- What Kids say about Lice

When your child is sent home from school because he or she has head lice, the first thing you should say is, “You didn’t do anything wrong.” (You should say this to yourself as well!)

It’s true.

If your child comes home from school and says that another kid in school has lice, you can say the same thing. That child (and its parents) didn’t do anything wrong.

The myth that lice happen because of poor hygiene or subpar living conditions has been chipped away at over the years, but the myth and the stigma that follows it are still alive. Kids get lice from hair-to-hair contact with other kids. Period. There are certainly things you can do to help prevent lice from landing on your child’s head—keep long hair pulled tight; discourage sharing hats, brushes and anything else that touches hair—but no amount of hair-washing will prevent a live louse from crawling from one kid’s head to another if the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately, “you didn’t do anything wrong” may not be the message your child has already received at school or day care. School officials and other children may have reacted with fear or alarm that could be interpreted as blame or judgment.

Tell your child that “catching” head lice is like catching a cold. You get it from someone else, who got it from someone before that. No one did anything wrong. There is no morality involved.

You can also tell your child that head lice aren’t dangerous and that, like a cold, they will go away with appropriate treatment. No big deal. While you’re treating it, you’ll have to be careful not to let is spread to others—repeat the hats and brushes advice.

You can also make a lice encounter a learning experience. Tell your child that lice have been “bugging” people for thousands of years (see our blog post, A Brief History of Lice). Cleopatra had a lice comb in her tomb. Lice have influenced our vocabulary: A “louse” (singular for lice) is someone who behaves badly; “lousy” is defined as “very poor or bad;” a nitwit is someone or something stupid; and a nitpicker is someone who is overly critical. And remember, every time you decide to go through something “with a fine-toothed comb,” you are referring to lice treatment!

Know that you are not alone. There are 6-12 million cases of head lice in the United States each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Fortunately, they are getting easier to treat with the advent of the AirAllé medical device. Offered by Lice Clinics of America, AirAllé is an FDA-cleared medical device that kills live lice and eggs in a single treatment that takes about 90 minutes. Know that there is a safe, fast and effective solution available can go a long ways to reducing fear and stress.

If you think your child has lice, let the experts handle it. Call our certified Lice Technicians at 516-336-4099 to schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient locations in Rockville Ctr and Syosset, Long Island

What Parents Should Be Saying

What Parents Should Be Saying


Parents don’t like to talk about lice. That’s a shame, because communication is one of the most effective ways to prevent lice outbreaks. If you know that lice are present in a school, daycare or camp, you can take precautions to protect your own child from getting lice.

The best time to talk about lice is before an outbreak happens. Many healthcare providers recommend that parents develop a lice response plan within their school or parent group so that they are prepared for lice outbreaks and have an agreed-upon plan to react. This way the discussion about head lice happens when no one has them, and without that added emotional charge. A plan might include recommendations for how to check for lice and available resources for treatment, as well as ways to prevent head lice from spreading—avoiding head-to-head contact and the sharing of anything like hats, brushes and backpacks that contact hair.

If another parent tells you that their child has lice, thank them for telling you. It’s not easy, as the social stigma around head lice remains significant. Not talking about it makes it worse. The fact that someone informed you will help you protect your children. After thanking the parent, the best message you can send is that it’s not that big of a deal—because it’s not. Yes, dealing with head lice is inconvenient, but aside from that, the more you can do to counteract the stress and embarrassment parents feel, the better.

If your children have lice, let other parents know through the school or through your network of relationships. Remember—it’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. Your children aren’t dirty. They just “caught” lice from another healthy child, much as children catch colds from one another. Have the facts handy: Lice aren’t dangerous. Lice outbreaks are unrelated to hygiene (in fact lice prefer clean hair and scalps). Lice only spread from head to head (they don’t fly or live on animals—stuffed or live). You might want to share our blog, “It’s Time to Shed Light on Lice” to help educate other parents about head lice and to demystify the experience.

Another thing you can do to ease other parents’ concerns is let them know about a Lice Clinics of America’s professional, medically sound, one-and-done, guaranteed lice checking and removal service. Knowing that there is a fast, easy way to get rid of lice and eggs in a single treatment can relieve a lot of stress!

Want to get more specific? Here’s how a conversation might play out.

You: Hi , it’s me. Do you have a minute? There’s an issue with the girls.

BFF: Sure, what’s up?

You: Well, it seems that there is a bug going around, and my daughter caught it. I wanted to let you know because our girls spend so much time together.

BFF: Thanks. Sorry to hear that. What is it?

You: Well, this time is a literal bug. Head lice. At first I was freaked out and I didn’t want to tell anyone. But I sure wish someone had told me it was going around, and I thought that if we all get on top of it and get all the kids checked we can nip it in the bud.

BFF: Lice! OMG! That still happens?

You: Yeah, it’s a bummer. I’ve done some research. It happens a lot—6-12 million cases a year in the U.S. alone! But there are new ways to get rid of lice that only take an hour or so. And we have two  clinics  right here on Long Island that can check the kids for lice and then treat them on the spot if need be. They have locations in Rockville Centre and Syosset. Their phone number is 516-336-4099 Peace of mind either way!

BFF: Well, thanks for telling me. I’m a little freaked out but it might be easier if we work together.




What Parents Say When Their Children Get Lice

My Child Has Lice....

Don’t Stress  if there is Lice In your Tress!

What Parents Say When Their Children Get Lice

If you want to know how parents feel about lice in their households, take a look at this collection of Twitter posts collected by Huffington Post parenting editor Caroline Bologna. Called “47 Tweets From Parents That Sum Up The Nightmare Of Lice Outbreaks,” the article features copies of tweets that range from the horrifying to the hilarious—sometimes both at once.

Here’s a good one. “One daughter has lice. While my kids slept, I filled 15 garbage bags with stuffed animals and hid them in the attic.”

And then there is this. “Parenting tip: If your kid ever gets lice, make sure you send them to the local orphanage with the best YELP reviews.”

Here’s another favorite. “School sent a note home with my 5yo that someone had lice in his class. In unrelated news, I broke out in hives & burned all our belongings.”

Let’s try one more. “Four out of five moms agree that lice will give you a nervous breakdown. And even the fifth mom is just pretending to hold it together.”

Basically, all 47 tweets express surprise, outrage, frustration, and stress. It’s a shame because lice just aren’t that hard to beat anymore. You can see from the peoples’ reactions that myths about head lice prevail.

For example, you really don’t need to fill garbage bags with stuffed animals and keep them in the garage or attic for weeks. Lice can’t live on stuffed animals; they’ll die within a day. And you don’t have to send your children away; they didn’t do anything wrong. Neither did the parents. The stigma that lice have something to do with hygiene is dying, but dying very slowly.

One of the reasons that lice are so frustrating for parents is that the traditional medications used to treat them no longer work because of a genetic mutation in lice that have made them resistant to the insecticide used in traditional medications, dubbing this new strain of critters “super lice.” The latest study of “super lice” found that 98 percent of lice in 48 states are now immune to pyrethroids, the class of insecticide used in over-the-counter lice products. So, in addition to the stress of finding bugs in their children’s hair, parents spend weeks or months in a futile battle using drugstore lice products.

The good news is that there have been innovations in lice treatment on several fronts, most led by Lice Clinics of America, a company that is bringing science and technology to the world of lice removal. The company offers services at clinics using AirAllé, a Class I medical device cleared by the FDA and clinically proven to kill live lice and more than 99 percent of eggs in about an hour. The device doesn’t use any chemicals or insecticides. Instead, it uses carefully controlled warm air to dehydrate lice and eggs.

Using AirAllé, Lice Clinics of America has successfully treated some 350,000 cases of head lice in 33 counties. Lice Clinics of America also sells retail Lice Remover Kits and Lice Preventer Kits that use non-toxic, easy to use, guaranteed formulas to kill and prevent head lice.

While no one is likely to be pleased when their child has head lice, they no longer have to freak out. The condition is easy to treat at home or in a clinic setting. For more information about Lice Clinics of America products or to find a clinic, visit

Egghunt, FREE LICE TREATMENT on April,7 2018 by Certified Lice Technicians

Free Screenings and Free Treatments

Egghunt, FREE LICE TREATMENT on April,7 2018 by Certified Lice Technicians

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Nit Picking is the Pits!

Let us do the Dirty Work!

Nit Picking is the Pits!

Picking through nits is the pits! But we’re here to help! Our certified Technicians can have you screened and cured of head lice, with out the use of pesticides like Ivermectin, in 90 minutes or less! Guaranteed! Call us today (516) 336-4099!

Feeling Itchy-Our Certified Lice Technicians are Here for You!

Feeling Itchy-Our Certified Lice Technicians are Here for You!

Notice unusual head scratching from your kids? Don’t ignore it, go get their head checked for lice! Let our certified lice technicians screen your kids and let you know if there is more to that itch then dry scalp! We eradicate your Lice in One Hour, One Visit!

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Pamper Yourself-Lice Clinics Sweepstakes

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Friendly Snow Day Reminder from the Lice Professionals

Friendly Snow Day Reminder from the Lice Professionals

Friendly Snow Day Reminder: don’t let your family share hats or store them too closely together! Lice Clinics of America wants our customers to stay care-free and lice-free! Happy Snow Day

Lice Prevention Season

Lice Prevention Season


While some lice treatments are flammable and can cause serious injury, Lice Clinics of America does not sell or use those products.
Let Your Friends Know There is a Better Way to Treat Lice. Cure your Lice in Just one Visit, Just One Hour. Our Certified Technicians can determine if you truly have lice, guide you to the best treatment plan and help you to understand the best way to prevent getting lice.

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Urgent Lice Treatment for Families



Urgent Lice Treatment for Families

Urgent Lice Treatment for Families

For far too long, parents and caregivers have endured time-consuming, expensive and only moderately effective head lice treatments. These treatments are often inconvenient and can sometimes cause injury.

Our  Lice Clinics of America  locations in Syosset and Rockville Centre, exist to provide you with the safest, most effective urgent care head-lice treatments that work every time, for everyone.

Since we believe it’s important to give you the choice of how to get rid of lice, we provide you with several lice treatment options for permanent head lice removal so you can make the choice to best suit your family and your budget.

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