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Finally a CURE for head lice

Head lice are a world-wide epidemic. In the US, children miss
around 24 million days of school every year due to outbreaks.
And when lice strike, time is of the essence. We sympathize with
the stress and anxiety you may feel when you discover a lice
infestation. We have families, too. We feel your pain.
But take heart. You are not alone in this.

Lice Clinics of America offers the first one-treatment cure for
head lice, with the safest, most effective immediate care out
there. Our exclusive, FDA-cleared technology, the AirAllé®
device, utlizes controlled, heated air to cure head lice in just
one visit. So you can get your life back to normal.
We offer multiple treatment options, depending on time and
budgetary restrictions, utilizing our medically sanctioned device
for in-clinic care.

Lice Clinics of America was conceived with one goal in mind:
to give parents and caregivers the safest, most complete
and effective head lice treatments available. Because these
outbreaks affect all of us. Lice Clinics of America. One treatment
and lice are history.